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The Westin

The challenges

The award-winning world-class resort The Westin Resort Hotel, covering 90 villas is located in scenic spots near to Taipei city. The Westin has a reputation far and wide the hot spring. Holiday village has restaurants and bars, private swimming pool, a world-class thalassotherapy spa pool and golf putting course and a fitness center is also not to be missed, of course, provided free public facilities wireless network. Request The hotel has luxury rooms and individual private villas, three lakes in hotel area, it is the most wide-lying resort in the area. Therefore, Primocase provides a comprehensive hotel video surveillance program, aimed only guest safety, is also responsible for the entire resort area 24 hours day and night monitoring. Solution In the wide activity area, Primocase installed super low lux IP cameras, motorized auto back focus cameras, miniture network camera and auto tracking PTZ cameras, capable of supporting 200 meters long distance night surveillance, of course, the camera is not only waterproof, and using a rust-proof material. In the open-air bar and other crowded areas. As every room and corridor, we use the IP Camera Dome and mini bullet type with 90 degree corridor view on NVR. Use dome cameras with 12V output for microphone that saving a lot of cabling job. The most important part is NVR system, the best user friendly GUI, hotel lovely employee learned in day one and know how to manage everything in very short time.

Project description